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Hi! My name is Ahmad Beirkdar, currently I am pursing an undergrad in Computer Science & Computer Engineering. Currently based in Toronto, Canada.

I have a love and passion for Modern C++, programming languages, compilers, and education. Most likely the blog will be centered around those topics. But here is why!

Modern C++:

So a while back I fell in love with C++. Why? I really do not know, or maybe it’s too hard to put it in words. Most of my interests in C++ tend to be in compile time programming, algorithms, and multi-threading.

So, I will be blogging about things I want to share and/or things I have learnt that is cool!

Programming Languages:

I call myself an amateur programming language enthusiast, as most of my experience tends to be from C++, especially following library implementations. But in the past couple of months, I have been trying to broaden my horizons by learning some other paradigms and languages. Currently I have been quite interested in Smalltalk and Haskell. But I would like to dive into some APL, J, and deeper in Rust. So I guess look out for some blog posts on Smalltalk, and other things mentioned.


I personally love academia, and teaching! I’ve been recently teaching a grade 11 & 12 computer science course, as a first time teacher. And I fell in love! Teaching is something I would love to continue pursing on the side, so I have taken a big interest in improving the way I teach, how I present ideas, and the resources I give. On top of all of that, I am an undergrad in CS, so I also took an interest in developing my own resources to courses I am currently undertaking. Other than that, I am quite interested in C++ education, especially because it is something I am passionate about which I would love to share with others! So I’ll be mostly blogging about C++ education, secondary CS education and some undergrad.


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