Ahmad Beirkdar

Hey there! I am Ahmad, based in Toronto, Canada. I am a Software Engineer.
I have love and passion for language design, operating systems and C++.
I know/work with C++, Rust and Python.
Listed below are my contact information:

ahmadb@protonmail.com   ahmadb@protonmail.com   ahmadb@protonmail.com   ahmadb@protonmail.com    ahmadb@protonmail.com
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About Me

My name is Ahmad Beirkdar; currently based in Toronto, Canada.
I am currently a Computer Engineering Major, and a Computer Science Minor.
I have a love for academia, books, and history. I also adore coffee! Anything from espressos, cortado to siphon coffee.
My main interests include cryptography, operating systems, language design, C++, low level stuff, and quantum mechanics
Proud to be pretty experienced with the C++ STL, and Qt5
Checkout my Github for more cool stuff! Click on the picture! ahmadb@protonmail.com

Stuff I Adore & Use


Tech Stuff I Use Daily

Main PC

Specs: I7 10700K @ 5.3GHz, 64GB RAM, RX580

OS: Native -> MacOS, VM -> 2x Windows 10, Ubuntu


Specs: I7 @ 2.7GHz, 16GB RAM, Macbook Pro

OS: Native -> MacOS, VM -> Windows 10, Ubuntu


iPad Pro 2020 w/ Pencil